Level 10

(Age 15-17)


  • Prayers: Beginning of Class
  • Purana Vidya (Part 10-12)
  • Prayers: End of Class

Activities in the Class:

Important topics for discussion and debate: Identity, Peer Pressure, Conflicting Values, Diet-  Veg vs Non Veg, Vegan, Expectations vs Reality, How to talk to parents so they understand, Dating, Karma and Dharma, Power of choices, Religion vs Spirituality, Salvation vs Moksha, Various Traditions of Hinduism.


  1. Overview of PV Part 9
  2. Follow the books (10-12) on Sanatana Dharma, Religious culture, Vedic Knowledge and Introduction to Gita
    • Could either highlight Vedangas and Upangas first from book 11 or highlight the unique aspects of Vedic Dharma from book 9 and then move back to these topics from book 11.
    • Start Gita Dhyanam and its meaning.
    • Introduce the Context of the Gita/Review of pertinent Mahabharata.
    • Discussion on the important topics of Gita.


Core Reference Books:

  • Purna Vidya (Part 10-12)
  • Hinduism by Anantanand Rambachan
  • Hindu Dharma – basics and beyond by Swami Viditatmananda